Essential Documents in the Field of Academic Studies & Teaching (Regular Study Programs)

You are in the section "Academic Studies & Teaching (Regular Study Programs)" of BOKU's Document Collection. Here BOKU staff members can find a compilation of essential documents on this topic.

Study Program

Principals of University Education

European and international principals

Principals at BOKU

Organization of Study Programs

Curriculum Development

Bachelor & Master Study Programs

Doctoral Programs

Development and Adaptations of Curricula

Access to Higher Education

Examination System

Final Theses

Process Description of the Student Registration Office (Studienabteilung), including information on ...

  • Application for Admission to University Studies
  • Admission to a Degree Program or Doctoral Study Program
  • Individual Study Programs
  • Stipulation of Study Fees
  • Examinations and Recognition of Examinations
  • Graduation and Academic Ceremonies
  • Student Awards


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