Caution! Password Fishing!

Current phishing emails at BOKU!

Currently phishing emails with the following subject heading circulate:

  • Ausstehende Benachrichtigung: Die Universität für Bodenkultur (BOKU) teilt Ihnen eine Datei mit
  • System Administrator
  • Email Aktualisieren (From: "BOKU IT Services" <noreply-boku@...>)
  • Aktualisieren Sie Ihre WebMail / Upgrade Your WebMail
  • Hi, ... you have 6 delayed messages (From: " Support" <>)
  • Updating the Micro Focus GroupWise®
  • E-mail Update Notification
  • BOKU :- You Have 1 Unread Message
  • ***Account Maintenance Service***
  • DRINGEND: Bestätigen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Konto

These emails seem to come from BOKU addresses. However, these emails do NOT come from the ZID. Please delete them.

We ask for your help: 

  • If you receive a phishing email that is listed above - despite our extensive counter measures - please delete this email without any further response.
  • If you receive a phishing email that seems to come from BOKU and is not listed here, please inform the ZID hotline so that we can start counter measures as quickly as possible. Also in this case, do not respond to the phishing emails or internet addresses stated in such emails. 

Please note:

This list as well as notifying ZID is only for phishing attempts directed at BOKU's IT accounts.

Other phishing emails that are directed at bank accounts or other systems outside BOKU are not especially treated by us. Other phishing attempts are not listed and do not need to be reported. Of course, you should also delete these emails without any further response. 

Further information on phishing can be found here: