Social Sustainability

Brief Description

We all make a contribution to social sustainability.

In its research BOKU helps ensure the life quality and livelihood of current and future generations within the framework of sustainability.

Sustainability is an important issue - not only in research but also in our daily cooperation. BOKU wishes to actively promote a culture of social sustainability. This includes equal treatment, mutual support, cooperation, appreciation and acceptance

At the same time social sustainability excludes aspects such as discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment.  

Discrimination has many faces such as disregard, exclusion or unequal treatment of individuals or groups of people based on a specific context of irrelevant characteristics. 

Bullying is conflict loaded communication at the workplace with a person being inferior to one or several offenders who systematically, repeatedly and over a longer timespan attack this person with the underlying goal and/or effect of directly or indirectly forcing the bullied out of their workplace. It has the intention and may undermine the personality, dignity, physical or psychological integrity of any person. 

Sexual harassment means conduct relating to sex which is unwanted by the person to whom it is directed and which has the purpose and effect of offending this person or creating an intimidating, hostile, offensive or disturbing environment. 

This includes the following aspects:

- Disrespectful comments and spreading rumors

- Defamation of colleagues and/or their dependents

- Withholding necessary work-related information

- Assignment of impossible, useless, insulting or no tasks at all

- Threatening, abusive, degrading or insulting behavior or language, scorning

- Negative portrayal in the public

- Disclosure of internal issues with the intention to discredit an individual or group

- Unwanted physical contact

- Salacious remarks, jokes or showing pornographic images

The university management distances itself from any discriminatory or harassing behavior and prompts everyone to not tolerate any such observations and experiences. If necessary, please report any such incidents to one of the following groups: Equal opportunities working party, staff council scientific staff, staff council non-scientific staff

BOKU represents a culture of diversity and tolerance. All staff members actively support our efforts to live appreciation, equal treatment and cooperation in our professional lives in order to create cooperation at BOKU in a socially sustainable way.

We all make a contribution to social sustainability.