Personnel Selection

The Selection of the Right Personnel

The search and selection of new staff members is an important process. Personnel selection often implies that resources are tied up for a longer period. On the one hand, the right position for the department has to be defined and, on the other hand, the right person has to be found for this position.

This guideline for personnel selection includes suggestions, tips and practical examples for the conduct of the entire selection process. 

Leitfaden zur Personalauswahl (gesamt)

For a quick(er) overview, you can also download the individual sections of the guidelines:

1. Prüfung der Stellenvakanz
2. Anforderungsprofil erstellen
3. Stellenausschreibung und gendergerechte Sprache
4. Analyse der Bewerbungsunterlagen
5. Das Bewerbungsgespräch: Gesprächsphasen und mögliche Fragen
5a. Fragen für die Lehrlingsauswahl
6. Weitere Auswahlinstrumente: Arbeitsproben, Assessment Center, Hearings
7. Personalentscheidungen treffen: Auswertung der Information
8. Wer macht was - Der Prozess der Personalbesetzung an der BOKU

Counselling available upon request

In addition, upon request we are happy to advise you in person on the various phases of personnel selection.

  • Support for vacancy notices
  • Counselling for the organization of assessment centers and hearings