This pages lists the most frequently asked questions by users.
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Frequently asked questions about BOKU learn 2 for students

  • Do I have to register for a course?
    Students are automatically registered for all courses in BOKU learn that they are registered in BOKUonline as long as the courses make use of BOKU learn.

  • Why did my courses disappear in BOKU learn?
    The e-mail address is the primary key for the synchronisation between BOKUonline and BOKU learn. If you change your e-mail in BOKUonline it can take a day or two until the change is transferred to BOKU learn. After that your courses should appear again under "My BOKU learn".

  • Why are videos like lecture recordings not playing in Mozilla Firefox?
    Update your Adobe Flash Player as well as your RealPlayer (see also Mozilla Support).

  • Can I use BOKU learn on mobile devices like smartphones?
    BOKU learn automatically detects mobile devices like smartphones (e.g. Android, iOS) and loads a optimised interface. This provides access to course content, the calendar, messages, grades and feedback, to name a few. Moreover it even enables participation in activities. With a few limitations (e.g. chat only with "more accessible interface" and no file upload) it is possible to use the vast range of functions of BOKU learn with mobile devices.