Oil palm & cattle integration

The opportunity to learn in Malaysia about palm oil production and cattle integration as a potential sustainability transition.

For students of all programs - application until May 1, 2018

Palm oil is consumed everywhere and a key economic sector in South East Asia. At the same time, palm oil production has a particularly bad reputation regarding its ecological sustainability. 

We have a more holistic understanding of sustainability - including social, economic and ecological dimensions. And we want to take a closer look - how sustainable are different types of oil palm plantations in Malaysia? Is the integration of cattle, as proposed by universities and authorities in Malaysia a powerful pathway to improve sustainability?

Join us now and be part of a real-life educational opportunity on sustainability transitions. You will work in interdisciplinary teams with European and Asian participants, farmers, and stakeholders in Malaysia to explore the sustainability of different palm oil production regimes. We have 8 slots open for selected students of all study programs at BOKU, GCUA-member universities, agrinatura and Austrian universities.

The summer school is part of the Food Security & Climate Change initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. 

Find further details on the application procedure and the course on BOKUonline, Course No.169.004. Terms and conditions apply. 

1. Students have to cover their own international travel to<>from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
2. The participation fee is 400€ for BOKU/GCUA/Austrian/agrinatura students. As this fee is already highly subsidized, we cannot provide further scholarships. 

Download the application form here.

Deadline for applications: May 1, 2018

For any questions, please contact the BOKU Coordinator, Lorenz Probst (lorenz.probst(at)boku.ac.at)