Library loan / User account

The Library is open to the public. Borrowing books from the University Library is free of charge. A library card is necessary to borrow books.
Borrowing books and loan period
The loan period is 30 days for books with the status "Entlehnbar". It is possible to extend the loan period, if no other user has reserved the book and the loan period has not already expired (the maximum possible loan period is 120 days per item). Please use your library user-account to extend the loan period online.
Please bear in mind, that if one of the borrowed books is overdue it is impossible to borrow new books or to extend the loan period of other books.
It is possible to borrow up to 15 books concurrently from the main library.
Special libraries may have other terms of use.

If a book is borrowed by another user, it is possible to reserve it via the library user-account of the online catalogue.
When the book is returned at the library you will be informed by e-mail. The book will be available for you at the lending department for ten days.

Closed stacks
The closed stacks are situated at the basement floors of the Main Library.To order literature from the stacks you may send a request via Online-Catalogue.
Books ordered from the stacks are retrieved at every full hour.

Returning items
Please return the books at the counter of the lending department. Outside opening hours, books can be returned through the red-box in the foyer of the building where the main library is situated (Wilhelm-Exner-Haus). The books will be returned the following business-day by the library staff, so please return the borrowed books on time.
It is possible to return books by mail (only registered mail) to the following address: UB Bodenkultur Wien - Peter Jordan-Straße 82 - A-1190 Wien

Overdue notice
If a book is not returned in time, the library will send an overdue notice to the user. This will be repeated two times. The time span between the overdue notices is seven days. The first two notices will be send, if available, via e-mail, if not, the notices will be sent by mail. The third overdue notice will be sent by registered mail. If the book is still not returned the library reserves the right to take legal steps.

If you return books too late you will be charged as follows:
Each overdue notice € 2,00
For every overdue book € 0,20 will be charged per business day
As a voluntary service the library will send you an e-mail four days before the book is due. In case this reminder-mail does not arrive it doesn’t exempt you from having to pay the fines.

Clearance of your library account
Before graduating at BOKU you have to get a clearance of your library account “Entlastungsstempel” from the main library of BOKU on your record of studies “Studienblatt”. You will get the clearance if there are no outstanding fines or overdue books.Borrowing books is still possible after getting the clearance.

Lost or damaged books
The user is responsible for handling the books with care.If an item/book is lost or damaged, the user has to replace it with the same edition. If the book/item is unavailable the user must pay the amount of the books worth to the university library. Please inform the university library immediately, if you have lost a book, otherwise overdue notices and the corresponding fines may arise.

In case of questions please contact the information desk:
Tel.: 01/47654-38060