PE15W17 How to write a scientific publication

Target group:

  • young scientists with little experience in scientific writing,
  • experienced scientists who want to make writing easier by learning certain basic rules.


In this seminar you will learn how to prepare a scientific paper - step by step from data selection to submission.


Seminar Day 1:

The most important aspects of writing a paper will be discussed using a very practical approach and all questions related to writing answered:

  • What data can I publish?
  • Do I already have enough results for a publication?
  • How do I structure my paper so that it is cogent and interesting?
  • What sections is a paper composed of?
  • What information should each section contain and how do I present it?
  • How do I develop my rough draft most efficiently?
  • How do I submit my manuscript and what should I pay attention to when doing so?
  • How do I react to comments from the journal or if my manuscript is rejected?
  • How do I look for and select secondary literature?
  • What particular language characteristics do I have to consider in a scientific text?
  • How do I prevent or solve writer's block?

Seminar Day 2:

The participants had one month to prepare their own texts and manuscripts using the techniques they learned. These first efforts will be discussed in detail, in the group and individually.

In addition to a lot of practical tips, each participant will receive a detailed handbook which describes again step by step how to prepare a publication. Practical exercises, numerous examples and plenty of time for discussion and questions contribute to a better understanding of the seminar topics.


  • Lecture / Presentation
  • Practical exercises, analysis and discussion of examples
  • Analysis and discussion of one's own texts
  • Open discussion of one's own experiences and problems
  • Seminar handbook

Schedule and Location:

Schedule:   11.10.2017 and 8.11.2017, 9 - 17 Uhr

Location: Seminarraum 07, Franz Schwackhöfer-Haus, Peter Jordan Str. 82, 1190 Wien 

Please choose preferred public transport or use a bike to arrive and depart! Bicycle parking is available in front of the venue!

Group size: min. 6 - max. 12 participants

Registration and course fee:

Application deadline: 26.09.2017

Registration only via the registration form.

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The fee for this seminar is 60 € and is automatically billed by the finance department after the seminar.

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Seminar leader:

Dr. Eva Müller

is a Ph.D. Biologist with many years practical experience in scientific research and scientific writing. As a scientist she wrote many papers of her own and later, as a scientific author, numerous publications for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as for research institutes. She teaches scientific writing at national and international universities and research centres. In addition, she provides scientists writing scientific publications with individual coaching.