933323 Project: Organic farming in tropical and subtropical regions (in Eng.)

Vortragende/r (Mitwirkende/r)
Institut für Ökologischer Landbau (IFÖL)
Angeboten im Semester
Sommersemester 2018
Unterrichts-/ Lehrsprachen


The project will be take place in march 2018 in Ethiopia.
Students of BOKU will collaborate with Bahar Dar University students for 9 days;
Main focus is the visit of smallholder farms in Ethiopia, farm analysis and the assessment of organic farming potential in Ethiopia.

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)

The lecture 933319 in WS 2017-2018 is highly recommend as an introduction
Interest into organic farming in subtropical and tropical enviornment
A certain robustness in traveling under sometimes not highly comfortible conditions


Students are enabled
(1) to analyse and interpret smallholder farms
(2) to understand the linkage between houshold and farm activities
(3) to describe gender differences
(4) to assess the potential of organic farming
(5) to communicate and interact with students with a different cultural and religious background
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