Natural Resource Management Seminar: “Fish Tales: The challenges to achieving sustainable ocean fisheries management in the U.S.” by Jean Flemma, former "Senior Advisor for Oceans, Fisheries and Wildlife Policy" for the US Congress , 14.6.2017, BOKU

Wednesday 14.06.2017 18h00, Gregor-Mendel-Haus HS XII

While the management system is still evolving and improving, U.S. ocean fisheries are considered some of the most effectively managed fisheries in the world. Over the last decade, science-based management approaches required under US federal law have ended overfishing, rebuilt stocks, reduced bycatch, and helped rebuild local fishing economies. In doing so, the management system has become a model for other countries to emulate (albeit, imperfectly). This was not always been the case historically. This talk will explore that history and evolution of management that has resulted in the system that exists today.