Guest Lecture by Ass. Prof. Lakićević Milena D. of the Universit of Novi Sad, Serbia on “Decision support methods in forestry and natural resource management” (1 ECTS), starting on June 12th at BOKU

Decision making in forest management is characterized by different temporal and spatial dimensions. Forest managers have to select a management strategy which meets best the various demands of different stakeholder groups. In this context the application of decision support methods helps to overcome those challenges by the use of sound methodologies.

The course will provide an overview of theoretical foundations of decision support methods, as well as software to apply those methods. Students will get acquainted with the theory of decision support methods and apply them on case study examples.

Course description:
The main focus will be how to deal with some specific problems in forestry and natural resource management from a multi-criteria analysis perspective. The specific topics to be addressed are:
(1) Consistency issues in AHP
(3) PROMETHEE and Social choice techniques
(4) Group decision-making and models for consensus reaching
(5) Application of the decision support methods on real case study examples.

The dates for the course are 12.06, 14.06, 16.06, 20.06 and 22.06.2017
more information can be found here

Ms Lakićević, Milena is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. She is working on the theory and application of decision support methods for a long time and gives an overview about this topic in her guest lecture at BOKU during June 2017.