MASTER THESIS – ALGAE CULTIVATION: Evaluation of extracellular metabolites and nutrients in algae/cyanobacteria process water at IFA Tulln

In recent years research and industry focused on cultivating algae/cyanobacteria for
producing food additives, biodiesel or chemical compounds used in industry, etc. For
algae/cyanobacteria cultivation high amounts of nutrients and especially water are needed.
Due to this reason and to make the cultivation economically the area “Bioconversion &
Biogas Systems” of Bioenergy2020+ focuses on i) recycling algae/cyanobacteria process
water and nutrients as well as on ii) using alternative nutrient sources as wastewater or
digestate for algae/cyanobacteria cultivation.

In frame of this work algae/cyanobacteria are to be cultivated in recirculated process
water/waste water/digestate and harvested. The cultivation media and the obtained biomass
are to be analysed with regard to nutrient and metabolite concentration as well as

Aim of the work is to cultivate and harvest algae/cyanobacteria, to evaluate nutrient and
metabolite concentrations as well as contaminations present in recirculated process
water/waste water/digestate.

Basic Information:
Start: June 2017
Duration Ca. 6 Month (financial support possible)
Katharina Meixner

Further information:
Bioenergy2020+ - Bioconversion & Biogas Systems