Summer course Animal Breeding and Genetics, “Food security in a changing world - how can animal breeders contribute?”, Wageningen, The Netherlands: Mon. August 21 to Fr. September 1, 2017 - 2 weeks/4 ECTS (ABG-52304)

For whom:

  • Students who are interested in global sustainable food security
  • Students in BSc-3 or MSc with a basic knowledge in Animal Breeding and Genetics (WU course ABG-20306 or equivalent course)
  • Students from outside Wageningen are very welcome to participate! The course is listed as ELLS Summer school


  • Global sustainable food security
  • Competing claims with respect to food security
  • Developing countries
  • Working towards solutions


  • Lectures, literature discussions, group assignments, individual assignment


  • Dr. Julie Ojango (ILRI, Kenya)
  • Prof. Hans Komen (ABGC, WU)
  • Prof. Johann Sölkner (BOKU, Austria)
  • Dieuwertje Lont (ABGC, WU)

More information, registration and contact:

Quotes from participants:
Karina, Norway: “Realising the difference between how people from developed countries think in comparison to how people from developing countries think was the most important thing I learnt”
Marjolein, The Netherlands: “Students from all over the world attend this short and intensive course, different perspectives from different cultures and disciplines on the world food production are together. This made the course feel like a challenging playground, my vision has been broadened and my knowledge has deepened!”

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