CALL for APPLICATIONS: International Joint Masters’ Degree Programme in Limnology & Wetland Management

The next Joint Degree Programme will commence in October 2017. Deadline for submitting the application documents for academic admission is the 6th January 2017!

LWM is a well established international joint degree masters’ programme, fully accredited in Austria, The Netherlands and Kenya. The MSc programme structure/curriculum consists of three semesters of 4-months each, which are held in Austria (University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna - BOKU), Kenya (Egerton University) and The Netherlands (UNESCO-IHE), followed by a 6-months research period at one of the three partnering institutions, or your home country (to be decided in consultation with the LWM consortium). LWM students enjoy the complementing expertise of three renowned universities and excellent networking perspectives at global level.

LWM CURRICULUM (120 ECTS in total)
Austrian semester at BOKU (Oct 2017 - Jan 2018)

  • LWM1: Basics in Limnology
  • LWM2: Ecology of Aquatic Organisms
  • LWM3: Basics in Applied Limnology
  • LWM4: Aquatic Ecosystem Management
  • LWM5: Scientific Working
    Kenyan semester at Egerton Univ. (Feb – May 2018)
  • LWM6: Lake Ecology
  • LWM7: Stream & River Ecology
  • LWM8: Wetlands for Water Quality
  • LWM9: Fisheries & Aquaculture
    The Netherlands semester at UNESCO-IHE (May – Sept 2018)
  • LWM10: Wetlands for Livelihoods & Conservation
  • LWM11: Aquatic Ecosystems: Processes & Applications
  • LWM12: Data Analysis and Modelling for Aquatic Ecosystems
  • LWM13: Group-work
  • LWM14: Research Methods & Summer School
    Master research & thesis semester (Oct 2018 – April 2019)
  • LWM15: Research plan, logistics, site assessment, application & societal relevance
  • LWM16: M.Sc. Research and Thesis writing

All three study locations are world-famous tourist locations - Vienna (Austria), Nakuru/Egerton (Kenya) and Delft (The Netherlands) – hence, LWM students have the added benefit to study where others are going for sight-seeing!


  • University level Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field for the programme, and which has been awarded by a university of recognised standing (e.g. BSc in Biology, Aquatic Ecology / Fisheries, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry; Civil, Chemical, Agricultural or Environmental Engineering, etc)
  • Working experience in an appropriate field of the LWM programme is an additional important asset
  • English language requirements

Application for academic admission and fellowships:

1st step: Application for academic admission

  • The application for academic admission is the 1st step to get entrance to LWM. Successful applicants will receive a certificate of provisional academic admission.
  • Applications for academic admission are done by (1) filling/sending the attached admission forms from BOKU and (2) by filling/sending the online admission forms at the UNESCO-IHE webpage
  • It is mandatory to apply for academic admission at both BOKU and UNESCO-IHE!
  • Applications for academic admission are welcome at any time – however, the deadline for submitting the application for academic admission is the 6th January 2017!

2nd step: Application for fellowships

  • 2nd step: After having applied for academic admission at BOKU and UNESCO-IHE, LWM-applicants are welcome to apply for fellowships and/or deliver a letter that the applicant is in the position to cover all study costs by her/himself (approx. study costs for the full 18-months programme including living costs, travel costs and study fees is approx. EUR 35,000.)
  • LWM specific fellowships are offered by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). Fellowship application forms will be provided to eligible LWM applicants, after academic admission to LWM has been given by BOKU). Deadline for fellowship applications is the 31st January 2017.
  • NFP-fellowships are provided by the Netherlands Development Cooperation to follow LWM. Detailed instructions are provided
  • Deadline for fellowship applications is the 31st January 2017.
  • Eligible applicants are very much encouraged to apply for both the Austrian and Netherlands fellowship programmes – since it is increasing, the applicant chances to obtain a fellowship significantly!
  • Fellowship applications which are received after 31st January 2017, will not be taken into consideration for the LWM study entry in October 2017!
  • Additionally, applicants are advised to check with their employer and with their own government to determine if financing for their studies could be provided from local/regional sources, including on-going research or capacity building projects/programmes.
  • Another option may be to apply for fellowships provided by international agencies/programmes – please find more information:
    Info 1
    Info 2
    Info 3

Postal address for sending application & certified documents:
   University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
   Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management
   IPGL office
   Gregor Mendel Strasse 33
   A-1180 Vienna
   European Union

Email for sending scanned application & documents

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