The National University of Mongolia (NUM), established in 1942, is Mongolia’s first and only comprehensive university located in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. NUM is currently at the cross-roads to lead the reform of higher education institutions in Mongolia. It offers educational opportunities at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels through five academic schools: School of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Law School, Business School and School of International Relations and Public Administration. In keeping with the mission of the University’s recently developed strategic plans for 2016-2024, NUM strives to provide teaching, research and public service of the highest quality by, among others, bringing its hiring standards to a new level. Therefore, it announces a special initiative to recruit excellent research scientists and scholars with a strong, established commitment to research, teaching and service. Currently, NUM is conducting a cluster hire for seven full-time positions. Overseas scientists and scholars are invited to submit international guest professorship applications.

The objective of this cluster hire is to bring expert knowledge and work culture of accomplished international academics to NUM, to increase and complement the research potential in certain academic fields, and to extend and internationalize the range of research-based study courses. Preferences would be given to a high-level international researcher who will be willing to come and work in Mongolia at minimum of two years and is intending to publish scientific articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals with SCI, SSCI, and A&HCI by collaborating with NUM faculty. In particular, we seek scholars who are committed to contribute to the interdisciplinary and international research environment at NUM by bringing potential to raise joint research funds and sustaining research collaboration beyond the duration of the post. Experience serving for editorial boards of scientific journals will be a plus.

Study areas must be related to following broad research fields listed below. Period of stay at the National University of Mongolia should be at minimum of one academic year. The applying international guest professor must have sufficient ability and experience in publishing scientific articles in the international peer-reviewed journals. Guest professors are expected to teach at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels and to contribute to establishing rigorous academic settings, research-based teaching and English-based instruction during their stay at NUM.

Compensation: Commensurate with qualification and experience (inquiries should be addressed to Ms. Shuurai Mendbayar, the Head of the International Relations Office). Support for accommodation may be included in the package.

Application deadline
November 15, 2016

Evaluation criteria and procedures
Applications will be evaluated and selected by a hiring committee. Evaluation will be based on:

  • Publication record and work experience
  • Support letters (no more than three)
  • Potential for sustaining research interest and collaboration in Mongolia.

Application submission

Applications will be electronically submitted to the International Relations Office. Please include the following documents:

  • Statement of purpose detailing how to contribute to advancing research and teaching at NUM and how to sustain research collaboration with Mongolian academics
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate, including list of publications, work experience and achievements/awards.
  • Support letters (no more than three).

Areas of expertise for visiting professors

  1. Mongolian Studies and Mongolian Language Studies: Expertise in broad areas of Mongolian studies will be sought after. The host department may vary depending on research interests of the successful applicant, although the preference is for linguistics.
  2. English as Secondary Language: This is the position that can be at the instructor’s/managerial level. We expect to involve a professor/instructor who will help shape our newly established Language Education Center by improving the capacity of its ESL instructors and by contributing to establish standards in secondary language education programs.
  3. Pure Mathematics: Applicants with research experiences in abstract algebra, topology, number theory and/or representation theory are invited to apply.
  4. Experimental Ecology and/or Evolutionary Biology: We are seeking a successful applicant who will contribute to fill gaps that are left unexplored in a wide range of important research questions and to development of successful graduate program.
  5. Geomorphology and Paleogeography: We expect a successful candidate to contribute to understanding the origin and evolution of topographic and bathymetric features of the Mongolian landscape and predicting changes using observational, experimental and/or modeling tools.
  6. Higher Education Research and Governance: We aim to develop research program that will cover a range of topics including the outcomes of higher education, leadership development, institutional transformation, faculty performance, state policy, and equity in education.
  7. Archaeology: Recent years have witnessed a boom of archaeological findings from different time periods in Mongolia. We would welcome a researcher who will bring unique interdisciplinary expertise and perspective to understand the development of societies to modern day Mongolia.