Annual Symposium of the Senate of Economy: EUROPEAN ECONOMIC DANUBE FORUM ´16 , Stift Göttweig, 21. October 2016

Thematically, the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC DANUBE FORUM 2016  focus will be on Smart Cities in the Danube region.

Smart City is an urban development vision to integrate multiple innovative technology solutions in a secure fashion to manage a city´s assets- the city´s assets include infrastructure, buildings, transportation and mobility, energy and water supply, waste water management, creation of SMEs and thus of jobs, vocational training, communication, security and other community services. In short: The intelligent solutions are focused more generally on the goals of increased energy and resource efficiency, economic competitiveness and improved quality of life for citizens.

21. October 2016 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.
Stift Göttweig
3511 Göttweig

The aim of the forum is to bring together a number of representatives from politics, administration, science and industry from the Danube region and in the Danube riparian states to develop innovative approaches to combine technology-bades change and innovation in urban areas and to offer a business platform for cross-border cooperation opportunities.

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Please find the detailed agenda on the website  (in German) and (in English)