Massive Open Online Course: "The Ecosystem Approach and Systems Thinking", 12 September – 23 October 2016

The UNEP in partnership with Concordia University, KnowledgeOne and EcoHealth Alliance will be offering the above referenced Massive Open Online course from 12 September - 23 October 2016.

The free MOOC will help you gain:

  • a well-developed knowledge of the basic features of ecosystems, the ecosystem approach and systems thinking from an interdisciplinary perspective;
  • an understanding of the distinction between reductionist and holistic thinking;
  • the ability to apply critical systems thinking;
  • enhanced knowledge of the inter-relationships between ecosystems and human systems;
  • specific awareness of case studies selected from representative ecosystems and related global issues, demonstrating the benefits and challenges of integrated approaches for ecosystem management and beyond; and
  • the necessary basis for designing creative solutions to ecosystem management and governance problems.

If you would like to learn more and register, please visit our webpage