CommTECH Signature program, 7 - 17 November 2016, Surabaya, Indonesia

CommTECH Signature 2016 is designed to give university and high school students a chance to tackle real problems and learn applicable knowledge while giving back to the society. CommTECH Signature 2016 is a perfect opportunity for those who are looking for a short & an unforgettable experience in Indonesia.

CommTECH Signature 2016 is divided into 3 main events i.e. CommTECH Project, CommTECH Youth Camp and CommTECH Ideas. CommTECH Project and CommTECH Ideas are open for university students from any background and any level, while CommTECH Youth Camp is only open for active high school students.

CommTECH Project.
CommTECH Project is a 11-day camp which gives participants the opportunity to discover the beauty of Indonesia while solving real problems through insightful but enjoyable activities. In this program, ITS will collaborate with Surabaya City Government to provide participants with real life situations to learn from.
The registration opens on 22 July to 21 October 2016.

CommTECH Ideas.
CommTECH Ideas is a 3-day international conference, which invites students and young researchers from all around the world to come and share knowledge and ideas to solve global economic problems from multidisciplinary approaches. It will be run on 15-17 November 2016. In addition to oral and poster presentation, participants can challenge themselves to present in 3-Minute Ideas (3MI) presentation. Submissions from all multidisciplinary fields are welcome.
The registration opens on 22 July to 15 October 2016.

CommTECH Youth Camp.

CommTECH Youth Camp is an international level competition and conference camp, which is designed to challenge the creativity, innovation and competitiveness of high school students from all over the world. This program combines intuition, knowledge seeking and competition while giving students an international experience.
The registration opens on 22 July to 21 October 2016.

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