Call for proposal for a data landscape analysis in Niger- French

Call for proposals on behalf of the Global Support facility (GSF) for the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) based in Montpellier, France.

As part of an European Union funded initiative, the GSF is working with the Government of Niger and the European Union Delegation in country to support the establishment of a National Information Platform for Nutrition. In Niger, the platform will be under the strategic leadership at the 3N secretariat (Presidential Initiative “les Nigeriens nourrissent les Nigeriens”) while the analytical unit will be within the “Institut National des Statistiques” (INS).

As part of the preparatory stages to take place in country to inform the set-up of the platform, a Data Landscape Analysis is commissioned in Niger to better understand the existence, location, format and availability of data which potentially can be used and valued by the platform. The study is to be conducted in country. Speaking French would be a requirement. Preference would be given to technical proposition working with national institutions and/or national consultants.

The Terms of Reference for the study 

Deadline to apply and submit a bid is Monday 18th July, COB.