Environmental Research and Energy Groups' International conference on Environmental resources management, Health, Clean energy and Pollution control (ICEHEP 2016) in London from 6th – 11th June, 2016.

ICEHEP 2016 will target world wide audience from various groups of specialists, managers, students, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and leaders involved directly or indirectly with Environmental Health Science, Renewable Energy and Agriculture. This is a remarkable forum for exchanging information and research results on Environmental science and principles along with applications of Renewable Energy system in science and technology.

You are going to have one-on-one interactions and sessions with academic and industrial researchers from all areas of Environmental science, Health and Renewable Energy to share their ideas and experiences and learn about new researches in contemporary Clean and Renewable Energy systems/Safe Environmental, Health and Agricultural practices.

Sub Themes:

Climate change and health, Food Safety, Risk Assessment and Management, Sanitation and Hygiene, Chemicals and Pesticides, Community Development, Environmental Pollution, Port Health, Environment and Health, Policy and Legislation, Research, Toxicology, Exposure to Bioaerosols, Emerging and Existing Communicable Diseases, Disaster Management, Water, Healthy Settings, Environmental Remediation, Data use and Information Management, Disease Surveillance, Community/Child Health, Waste Management, Agricultural and Forestry Resources Management , Renewable Energy Technology and Application, Renewable Energy Economy, Low GHG Transportation,  Education: Global Change & Sustainable Development.

The conference welcomes submissions of original, high quality papers in all areas of Environmental resources management, Pollution control, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Health as well as novel crosscutting work in related areas.

Topics outside the listed areas should be discussed first with the conference secretary before preparation.

Proposal Submission Deadlines for 2016 Conference
Proposals are reviewed in phases and may be submitted any time up to the final deadline. Proposals for In-Person presentations submitted prior to the interim Deadlines are given special guarantees and considerations. Proposal for an In-Person presentation received at the Final Submission Deadline will be given a place in the conference program, but requests for session types, presentation times, or thematic grouping may not be guaranteed.

Abstract submission deadline: 15th April, 2016 (adjusted to 22nd April, 2016)
Notification of acceptance: 23rd April, 2016 (adjusted to 30th April, 2016)
Deadline for camera-ready Paper: 3rd May, 2016 (adjusted to 10th May, 2016)
Conference dates: 23rd – 28th May, 2016 (adjusted to 6th – 11th June, 2016)

Sponsorship and registration waivers are available for a few participants from developing countries.

Environmental Research and Energy Group, UK.

For more information about ideas, themes, accommodation, registration and visa, please contact:

Dr. Hillary Edwards
Secretary, ICEHEP 2016.
34 Wenlock Road, Islington, London, N1 7GU, UK.