Staff Training week at Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, 20-23 June

The topic of this edition is Internationalisation Strategy and is aimed at administrative or teaching staff who work specifically in internationalisation strategy planning. At the end of the international week, participants will have acquired the skills to:

  • Plan an institutional strategic process, with a particular emphasis on internationalisation.
  • Identify the key components and processes which are necessary for a successful strategic planning process.
  • Implement each step of the strategic planning process within their unit/institution.
  • Define a vision and be able to turn it into objectives and actions.

The deadline to apply is 28 April. You can access all the information through this link.
If you plan to attend this staff training week and want to apply for ERASMUS+ staff mobility support, please check the website and contact Mag. Karl-Goodwin  for further information.

The course dates coincide with the Feast of Sant Joan, which celebrates the Summer Solstice - the shortest night of the year. For the Catalans this is a public holiday, renowned for the electric atmosphere in the air and the fire as the protagonist. We will make sure you enjoy your stay during these special days.