ISCN (international-sustainable-campus-network) conference: “Leadership for a Sustainable Future”, 13 - 15 June 2016 at the University of Siena, Italy

Abstracts should be relevant to the conference focus, Leadership for Sustainable Development, and relate to one of the following Working Group themes:

  • WG1: Innovative Infrastructure and user behavior – How is your organization leveraging infrastructure to expand teaching and modify user behavior?

  • WG2: Holistic campus planning and sustainable urban models – How is your organization demonstrating holistic campus planning and providing opportunities for using the campus as a test-bed for urban modeling?

  • WG3: Sustainability skills and competencies – How is your organization integrating sustainability on campus to develop skills and impart guidance to faculty, staff and students?

The preliminary conference program and information on travel and accommodation are available on the ISCN website