Erasmus Mundus International MSc in Rural Development (IMRD), coordinated by Ghent University (UGent) – application deadline 1.2.2016

The Erasmus Mundus International Masters in Rural Development (IMRD) programme offers the opportunity to study international visions on rural development to students both from within as outside of the European Union.
Students are offered the opportunity to become a specialist in integrated rural development, through a two year master programme jointly organised by six European leading institutes in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, in collaboration with several partners in the United States, China, Ecuador, India and South Africa.
Both the IMRD Consortium, as the European Union, through the Erasmus Mundus programme, each year offer a limited number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships to the most awarding students.
All information is also available on the following website:

Through this programme, students can contribute to an enhanced shared knowledge on rural development approaches and experiences worldwide, a wider diffusion of knowledge about the European model of rural development, and eventually a general increased interaction between EU and non-EU countries with respect to research, practices and policies of rural development.
For questions concerning the application, please contact the IMRD Application Secretariat