Conference on GLOBAL PROBLEMS OF AGRICULTURE AND FOOD ECONOMY, June 16-17, 2016 in Warsaw-Rogow, Poland, organized by the Department of Agricultural Economics and International Economic Relations of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)

Conference topics cover the following international aspects of agro-food economy:
- Perspectives and determinants of development of agro-food economy and rural areas
- Policy measures and their impact on the economy
- Globalization and integration processes
- International trade and movements of factors of production
- Competitiveness and innovativeness in agro-food economy
- Prices and their determinants  in agriculture and food economy
- Agro-food marketing chain
- Consumption patterns and food security
- Methodological aspects of the evaluation of development of food economy and rural areas
- Economic aspects of information in agriculture  and food economy – The role of human capital in economic development
- Management of natural resources and environmental impact assessment

Conference schedule as follows:
Application form deadline by March 15, 2016
Payment deadline by April 30, 2016
Submission of papers deadline by April 30, 2016

All the necessary information, including application form, can be found on the conference website