Scholarships for students and staff from BOKU to South East Asia and from South East Asia to BOKU: ERASMUS MUNDUS ALFABET – Second call: application deadline 13.12.2015!

EU mobility scholarships to South East Asia are available for

  • Bachelor (undergraduate) mobility period of 5 months (one academic semester)
  • Master mobility period of 10 months (two academic semesters)
  • Doctorate mobility period of 10 months (oriented towards practical research)
  • Teaching and administrative staff mobility period of 1 month (oriented mainly towards training practises, to establish the plan of further research cooperation between the universities, or to exchange experience in administrative and organisational matters)

Scholarships for students and staff from South East Asia interested in coming to BOKU are particularly available for Post-Docs (6 months) and for persons of all levels previously mentioned, in vulnerable situations (so-called Target Group 3, see definition on website  )

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