ACA Annual Conference 2015: Internationalisation: from strategy to implementation, Brussels, 14-16 June 2015

This year's ACA Annual Conference is dealing with institutional internationalisation strategies and will take place in Brussels, the capital of Europe.

The conference will take a double perspective on its theme, internationalisation strategies for higher education institutions. First, it will look at different concepts and approaches to internationalisation strategies and at ways to design them. Second, it will address issues around the implementation of such strategies.

The conference will address its theme from both a global and a European perspective. Sub-themes of the conference include mainstreaming of internationalisation as a strategic approach, branding a higher education institution, funding internationalisation strategies, and generating internal 'buy in' for them. Likewise, we will look at particular challenges, and how to overcome them, such as integrating foreign students, teaching in English, incentivising short-term mobility of students and staff, and international marketing and student recruitment.

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