DIANET Thematic Seminar “Innovative support models for research activities”, March 3rd 2015 in AREA SCIENCE PARK, Trieste (Italy).

The seminar will be led by Mrs Annika Glauner - Senior Advisor EU & International Research Funding and Group Leader Knowledge Transfer - and Sibylle Hodel - Deputy Head and Senior Advisor and Manager of EU Research Funding - of EU Grants  Access – ETH Zurich.

The seminar will involve participants in a brainstorming activity and practical exercises in order to develop organizational models of structured support services to Research.

The seminar is primarily addressed to technical, administrative and managerial personnel of the institutions dealing with Internationalisation and mobility projects.
The planned networking activities between the speakers and the participants will be an opportunity to further discuss the issues presented.

The seminar is free and it will be held in English.

More information at the following link http://www.welcomeoffice.fvg.it/dianet-project/thematic-seminars.aspx 

To register at the following link http://www.area.trieste.it/opencms/opencms/area/it/informa/news/2015/news_1211.html 

E-mail: dianet-seminars(at)area.trieste.it 

Information about travel to Trieste: mobility(at)area.trieste.it