On the occasion of EXPO Milan 2015  (01.05.2015 / 31.10.2015), the University of Milano-Bicocca has launched  Summer School @ Expo 2015, a new and interesting project for international students, to satisfy their intellectual curiosity, earn academic credit, and explore the many facets of our University, of the city of Milan and not to forget be part of the historic Milan Expo 2015.
With over 100 faculty and Researchers of the University of Milano - Bicocca and other International Universities involved, the summer programs offer more than 600 hours of classroom sessions, besides guest lectures and guided visits to companies/institutions. Over and above, all Summer Schools propose a special theme dedicated to Expo 2015 ‘Feeding the Planet,  Energy for Life’ and all the participants will be granted a free entry to the Milan Expo exhibition.
The 23 programs are centered on the following macro-themes: Health and Nutrition, Food and Science, EXPO, Cultures and Social Challenges, ICT, Food and Communication to Global Business, Sustainability and Food Rights. 

All programs are being offered in English.
The on-line application procedure to International Summer School @ EXPO 2015 is open and accessible through the web-site at the following link: 

Fur further information, you can contact:
Alberto Valli
Summer School EXPO 2015 Coordinator
University of Milano-Bicocca
tel. +39 320 1649655