Wuhan Summer University (China), July 6th – 19th 2015

The “Wuhan Summer University” (China) is open to all students and will help all participants to gain from new methods of lecturing and research as well as enjoying the international atmosphere. As set by the traditional program itself, this program brings also regional and international professors and lecturers for a period of two weeks together and provides the opportunity for local and international students to learn and share their experiences.

The Wuhan Summer University offers several modules

  • Business English Language
  • Journalism - New and old Technologies in Mass Media
  • Financial markets and institutions with emphasis on development of markets and the crisis of the last years
  • Cloud and Mobile Computing
  • Cross-Media – Challenges and Business Models
  • Quantitative Analysis – Big Data Analysis on Chinese Automobile Manufacturing and Marketing
  • Accounting, Economics and Finance – International Comparison on Emerging Economies

Location: Campus of “Jianghan University”
Accommodation: Student Hostel of “Jianghan University”
Fee: € 400 includes accommodation, meals (breakfast and lunch), events and school
Students from Jianghan University pay discount rate of ¥1,000

Application Period: till April 15th 2015 (first come, first served)

Apply for admission applicants:
Johann.guenther(at)aon.at  or lei.chen(at)jhun.edu.cn
Contact: Prof. Dr. Johann Günther Johann(at)johannguenther.at  or Dr. Lei Chen lei.chen(at)jhun.edu.cn

Further information and application form