Lehrende für Vorträge an der ENSAIA Nancy gesucht – 9.-11.3.2015

Since 2013, ENSAIA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires) Nancy, a French national school in Agronomy and Food Sciences) has offered a series of international seminars in the four major domains that are available to our students to specialize in: Food Science, Agronomy,Biotechnology and Environment.

The contents and format will still be flexible; it could be in the form of a classic scientific lecture, or a presentation of a specific issue in one of the above-mentioned domains in the lecturer’s country,
or a description of a current research project in the lecturer’s laboratory.

The seminars will take place from the 9th to the 11th of March 2015. Each seminar session will last 45 minutes (plus a quarter of an hour for questions/discussion), with 2 time slots available in the mornings. Ideally, one time slot will be dedicated to a lecture either in German or in Spanish and the second will offer the possibility of the students to attend a lecture in English. The choice of these languages is based on our students being required to attain a high level in English and in a second European language of their choice, usually Spanish or German. In addition to the scientific conferences, cultural conferences by other guest speakers will also be scheduled in one of the three languages. Lectures could be followed by a forty-five minute presentation of our partners’ universities and Erasmus exchanges. While it is not obligatory, having such presentation in English would allow the greatest number of students to discover our partners’ facilities, programs and project opportunities.

Interested guest lecturers should contact our International Office, ensaia-international(at)univ-lorraine.fr  and suggest a title of the seminar, the suggested language and a timeslot that suits their agenda. Our international team will then contact you for logistics issues and further information.

The attached document includes details and pertinent information regarding the seminar lectures. Info 2

If you are interested in joining these lectures, please check the website: http://www.boku.ac.at/international/themen/boku-staff-going-international/erasmus-lehrenden-mobilitaet/  and contact Mag. Agnes Liebl for further information on funding (agnes.liebl(at)boku.ac.at )