Eco Gozo (Malta) interested in co-operation with BOKU Departments

The island of Gozo (Malta's second island that is mostly rural in terms of activity) has a strong vision to become an eco-island by 2020 with quality of life having improved significantly through education, economic development and social progress.

The Ministry for Gozo through the regional development director for ECO Gozo seeks to establish linkages to identify possible partnerships with BOKU departments who may have interest in collaboration on ecotourism, energy, water, waste, agriculture, forestry, biodiversity and other cross-cutting issues.  

The following topics are of particular priority for EcoGozo:

  • Climate Change modeling and determination of impacts in small islands (Gozo as a case study)
  • Water management
  • Agriculture re-engineering
  • Sustainable agriculture (with special reference to water and chemical management)
  • Development of Sustainable Community strategies and citizen engagement

Funding: while there is no specific funding at present given the absence of specific projects, funds would be available for Eco Gozo projects that are articulated with BOKU);

Planned time-schedule: there is a general statement of strategic objectives that Eco Gozo is pursuing and individual projects would be designed to  attain objectives over time with BOKU as a strategic partner

Further information on EcoGozo:  

If your Department is interested in co-operation, please contact margarita.calderon-peter(at)  until November 28th at latest.