Eiffel Grant for studying at Group ESB (École supérieure du bois) in France

The French Foreign Affairs Ministry funds studies in France for excellent students thanks to the Eiffel Grant (1181 Euros per month (for students) and 1400 Euros (thesis), plus a return ticket, social security, cultural activities and French for foreigners 2 months intensive courses).

These grants are for engineering master course (from 2 to 3 years grant) or a thesis in second or third year (10 months grant only).

Applicants should fill in the enclosed files (1 and 2), either for master or doctoral thesis.
For Master grant, fill the document from page 1 to 5, and check that required documents page 8 are provided. Acrobat reader 7 or upper versions are required. Please save your document as interactive PDF.

Application deadline: January 5th 2015, at the latest, before would be much better.
Some elements you should keep in mind regarding selection:

-->High potential candidates
-->First application to the grant
-->Currently studying abroad ( in your country)
-->Good English level and some French is required

Limit of age : 30 , born after March 11th 1984 (and 35 for doctorate, born after March 11th 1979)

All necessary information can be found at http://www.campusfrance.org/fr/eiffel