Summer School 2014 Sopron

Climate change affects everyone of us. But how exactly does climate change affect our agriculture? What is its impact on human infectious diseases? And, maybe most important of all: How can we face climate change? How can we develop smarter cities and reduce our CO2-emissions? How can we make a better tomorrows life?

Join the summer school in October 2014 – learn and discuss about climate impacts and protection, about sustainable cities and future energy technology, about human health and climate change. Become part of a big audience of rethinkers – become part of this summer school.

The summer school will take place in Sopron, Hungary, as well as in Budapest and Vienna, Austria. We will have some several exciting field trips, just like the Simmering power plant, the German embassy at Budapest or the historical city of Sopron.

When: 26 – 31 October 2014

Where: Sopron (Hungary), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria)

Organiser: University of West Hungary, Sopron

Language: English

Costs: 80€ for accommodation + trip to Sopron

Examination: Oral examination in a freely chosen topic in discussion-teams. Written examination in a report, created in a team (volume about 10 pages) until 31st of December

Credit Points: 2 to 5, depending on university

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