The following internships are offered for the summer semester 2019.

Institute of Soil Research - Internship on Phytomining of metals on serpentine soils

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Heavy metals are valuable raw materials provided from conventional mining activities, that are still based on costly and energy intensive technologies and may cause environmental problems, e.g. due to the dumping of mine tailings.
Metal-accumulating plants may serve as an alternative source for metals. The so-called hyperaccumulators are able to accumulate extremely high concentrations of metals in their above ground tissues. In the phytomining technology, these plants are regularly harvested for the recovery  of the accumulated metals. In a recently started project, the efficiency of Ni phytomining on different European Ni-rich serpentine soils is evaluated.

Within the internship, the first year of the field experiments will be evaluated for the phytomining efficiency
(i.e. yield x Ni concentration.)

Interested students can send their CV and motivation letter to

Institute of Forest Ecology - Internships in the fields of forest and soil ecology and plant ecophysiology

Intern candidates should be students in forestry, soil or biological sciences or related study programs or young professional seeking to enhance their working experience in scientific environments.

Interns can join research groups in subjects as indicated by the expertise of our researchers, preferably during the vegetation season (March - September).

Depending on the working group, individual tasks and operations would be either more laboratory, greenhouse or field related.

Interested students can try to identify and contact a suitable host group based on our web page or apply to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boris Rewald, who is ready to help with finding the right contact.

Please send your CV and a short motivation letter outlining your research interest and skills to boris.rewald(at)