IROICA Conference @ BOKU Vienna, 7.-9.6.2017

21st IROICA Annual Conference 'Halfway Through the Erasmus+ Adventure'

On behalf of the IROICA network and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 21st IROICA Conference from 7 to 9 June 2017. 

This year’s theme of the conference is 'Halfway Through the Erasmus+ Adventure'. You can register for the pre-conference, conference and excursion separately, but we strongly encourage that you attend the whole programme. 

During pre-conference participants will visit BOKU’s research institution, Campus in Tulln. (minimum 25 bookings)

For the conference we will offer a look into the Erasmus+ programme three years after its launch and the prospects until, or even beyond, 2020.  This will also be a great opportunity to share our good practices and experiences within that area. Two workshops will cover hot topics as inclusion and citizenship initiatives in higher education and security issues for students and staff. At the end of conference day you will have opportunity for networking, sharing information of your university or you can plan a meeting with a partner university, future partner, student or somebody from BOKU. 

The second day of the conference we start with a vocational training on intercultural communication. The participants will have the opportunity to talk about their intercultural experiences and the problems they may have encountered. This workshop will go deeper on topics such as prejudice, ethnocentrism, racism, identity and cultural diversity. Afterwards we will have IROICA General Assembly. In addition to the second day, we will take you to the guided city tour where you will get special insights into heart of Vienna.

This event brings together speakers from the European Commission, national agencies, higher education institutions, student associations and many more.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Austria!