My Courses at BOKU

To be able to graduate at BOKU CULS NRE students have to take a total amount of 40 ECTS at BOKU.

Students from CULS spend 1 or 2 semesters at BOKU. You have to choose 30 ECTS of BOKU courses, from which at least 20 ECTS have to be part of the NARMEE programme. The other 10 ECTS may be chosen out of all master courses offered at our university. In addition you gain 10 ECTS for your thesis, which will be co-supervised at BOKU.

Further information on courses at BOKU

You can only register for the courses  after your personal registration at BOKU. (Therefore you should arrive about 1 week before the semester starts.) In addition we recommend that you register for some extra courses to make sure that you really have the necessary ECTS points at the end of your stay.

Individual Course Plan

After your arrival you have to make an Individual Course Plan. It helps you to keep track of the exams that you have already taken and the courses have to attend. The document has to be signed by the student, the administrative coordinator and at the end of the studies also by the academic programme coordinator of the programme. It is needed for the graduation at BOKU.

The form of the Individual Course Plan (ICP) is an excel sheet:
Individual Course Plan CULS Home (xls)

Please fill in the courses that you plan to take.  Send the file to ulrike.piringer(at) within the first 3 weeks of the semester. Print the file and bring it to ZIB during the consulting hours (Mo-Fr 10.00-12.00 + We 14.00-16.00).