NARMEE - Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering

Internationale Tage - Hier findet ihr alle Infos zu den Englischen und Internationalen Masterprogrammen an der BOKU!

Wir laden euch herzlich zu den Präsentationen der Englischen und Internationalen Masterprogramme sowie der Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) an der BOKU im Rahmen der Internationalen Tage ein!

Study fields environmental engineering, environment and bio-resources management  and food science and biotechnology:

Studienbereiche Kulturtechnik, UBRM, LBT 
Wann: 8. Mai 2017, ab 12:00 
Wo: Muthgasse II, 3. Stock, SR Chemie

Welcome to the NARMEE programme!

The Master of Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering (NARMEE / NRE) is a two-year master programme combining both examination and thesis. Students are required to study at two universities, and will finish with a joint degree. Please choose the university, where you would like to start!

Spend a different summer - study ELLSwhere!

  • Earn academic credits in breathtaking natural environments!
  • Combine theoretical input with practical field work!
  • Get to know other students in your field from all over the world!
  • Enjoy social activities in an open, diverse and new environment!

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