English Study Programmes (ECTS Guides)

English Study Programmes

ECTS Guides.

For legal purposes, only the version of the curriculum that has been published in the official journal (Mitteilungsblatt) is binding and valid - this English translation is for information purposes only."

417_Food Science and Technology
419 Landscape Architecture and Planning
422 Phytomedicine
423 Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management
425 Forest Sciences
426 Wood Technology and Management
427 Management of Environment and Bio Resources 
429 Mountain Forestry    
431 Envrionmental Engineering
447 Water Management and Environmental Engineering
448 Applied Limnology
449 European Master in Environmental Science - ENVEURO
450 Erasmus Mundus Programme – Animal Breeding and Genetics (EM-ABG)
451 Safety in the Food Chain
452 European Forestry Programme
454 Horticultural Sciences
455 Plant Sciences
456 Livestock Sciences
457 Agriculture and Food Economics
477 Alpine Natural Dangers/Watershed Regulation
500 Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology (AgrEco-Organic)
and the International Master’s programme
Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology (EUR-Organic)

501 Sustainability in Agriculture, Food Production and Food Technology in the Danube Region