EMBO Young Investigator Programme

Creating a European network of outstanding life scientists

The EMBO Young Investigator Programme offers a number of unique benefits to support the young group leaders in establishing a reputation as excellent scientists.

Für die Einreichung eines Antrags gelten die folgenden Voraussetzungen:

- Lead their first independent laboratory for at least one and not more than four years in an EMBC Member State. For female candidates with children the four year time limit is extended by one year per child.

- At least two years of post PhD scientific experience and an excellent track record.

- Work in the very broadly defined area of molecular biology.

- Have obtained sufficient funding to run their laboratories. The applicant and his/her home institution must demonstrate that the former enjoys true scientific and financial independence.

- Have published at least one last author paper after establishing an independent laboratory. We accept 'last author' papers that are in submission by the deadline. Please list these papers in the application form. Applicants will be given the opportunity to update their publication list prior to the committee meeting.

Only in exceptional cases will an application from scientists over 40 years be considered. As special reasons the committee will consider:

- the birth of children (women only)
- parental leave
- illness
- military service

Deadline: 01/04/11

Information: http://www.embo.org/programmes/yip/programme.html