COST country focus: Austria

This summer, the COST website visits all the COST countries one by one to highlight their achievements and contributions to the COST Programme

Austria has been a member of COST since 1971 and was the host of the COST Ministerial Council in 1991 in Vienna. The national COST Office is located in Vienna at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. More information on the CNC/CSO can be found on the country page for Austria.

To date, Austria has been involved in almost 1 000 COST Actions. As part of these Actions, Austria has contributed to tackling inflammation in brain disease, controlling metals in drinking water throughout Europe and managing winter traffic and maximizing road safety. Moreover, Austria has participated in COST Actions which have raised awareness and created a coherent European research agenda for energy efficiency and set standard for weather classifications in European regions.

Given the significant participation of Austria within COST Actions, it is not possible here to highlight every area within which they have advanced research throughout all COST Domains. More information on all the COST Actions which Austria both chairs and participates in can be found on the new COST country page.