Eduroam Tutorial Windows 8

1. Windows 8: Move the computer mouse to the right top corner, click on the search button (which looks like a magnifying glass) and type in "Systemsteuerung". Confirm with [Enter].

    Windows 10: klick on the "search button" (which looks like a magnifying glass) which is located on the left side of the task bar. Type in "Systemsteuerung" and confirm with [Enter]. 

2. A window will appear. Click on "Netzwerk und Internet" --> "Netzwerk- und Freigabecenter"

3.1. If your computer has already been connected to the eduroam network before, simply connect with the eduroam WLAN and click on "WiFi (eduroam)" as shown in the picture and then "Drahtloseigenschaften". Then proceed with step 7.

3.2. If your computer has never been connected to the eduroam network before, click on "Neue Verbindung oder neues Netzwerk einrichten"

4. Click on "Manuell mit einem Funknetzwerk verbinden" --> "Weiter"

5. Take over the adjustments as shown and proceed by pressing "Weiter" 

6. Click on "Verbindungseinstellungen ändern"

7. In the tab "Verbindung" tick "Automatisch Verbinden, wenn dieses Netzwerk in Reichweite ist" 

8. In the tab "Sicherheit" make the following adjustments: (for Windows 8.1 you have to select "AES" instead of "TKIP")

9. At "Microsoft: Geschütztes EAP (PEAP)" click on "Einstellungen" and adopt the configurations as shown here

10. Under "Konfigurieren..." tick off the point  "Automatisch eigenen Windows-Anmeldenamen und Kennwort (und Domäne, falls vorhanden) verwenden". Then close the window by pressing "OK" twice. "AddTrust External CA Root" is BOKU's certification authority.

11. Again in the tab "Sicherheit" navigate to "Erweiterte Einstellungen" and in the tab "802.1X-Einstellungen" tick "Authentifizierungsmodus angeben". In the drop down menu select "Benutzerauthentifizierung" 

12. Move on by clicking on "Anmeldeinformationen ersetzen" with your left mouse button

13. Type in the BOKU log in data and confirm three times stating "OK" and close the window by clicking on "schließen".

14. FINISHED - Shortly after this Windows should automatically connect with the Eduroam network and provide you with internet access! :-)