Eduroam Tutorial Mac OS X

Eduroam & Mac Os X Tutorial

Eduroam & MacOSX Tutorial

  1. Within the reach of a BOKU access point, with the left mouse button click on the symbol "AirPort" (which can be found at the top of the display.

  2. In the new window briefly wait until the available wireless networks have been found and then click on the wireless network "eduroam".

  3. Since 802.1x already has to inquire the login details when the connection is established, under Benutzername you have to type in your BOKU login data PLUS "" and enter your password. Conveniently you can select the option "Dieses Netzwerk merken" so that you are automatically connected in the future - no matter in which organization you are as long as it participates in Eduroam. You confirm your input with "OK". 

  4. In the next window the certificate status is checked. In order to view the certificate we click on "Zertifikat einblenden".

  5. In the following window we can see the entire certificate tree with the VALID certificate of BOKU "". This is unique and can only be issued by BOKU IT. In this case we can click on "Fortfahren" without hesitation and complete the Eduroam network configuration. In case there should ever be an invalid certificate marked in red (especially for, immediately stop the process and get in touch with our hotline! 

  6. Finished - You should now be in the Eduroam network and have internet access! :-)