Known Problems

A user retrieves a print job but the printer does not print

The following procedure can be observed again and again:

A user retrieves a print job but the printer does not print. The user logs off and in again. The user is told that a print job is still active. He logs in on another unit and receives the information that his credit balance is 0 Euros.

What has happened???

Either the printer has not yet fully received the print job from the server or the print job is a very complex document which then takes a printer a long time to calculate the appropriate toner images needed to start the printing process.

As long as the print job is active, the credit balance is completely blocked. This is why there is the information of 0 Euros credit balance!

How do you recognize such a problem?

At the front under console 2 the printer has various LEDs, a blue one, dotted ones and a continuous long white one.

The blue LED starts flashing when a print job is being received. The white one flashes when a print job is being printed. This already includes the calculations for the toner images.

As long as one of the two LEDs flashes, you simply have to WAIT.