Calculating emissions

How are emissions from aviation calculated?


Aircraft use kerosene for fuel which, when burned, emits carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases. On the basis of the distance between departure and arrival airports and the average fuel consumption of common short- and long-haul aircraft, the CO2 emissions of a particular flight are calculated. These emissions are multiplied by a factor of 2, to take account of the emission of other greenhouse gases and also the effect of the height at which the gases are emitted.

The per-passenger emissions are calculated using the average number of seats, average load-factor (percentage of seats taken) of short- and long-haul aircraft as well as the class flown (economy, business, first).

Detailed calculations can be downloaded here.fileadmin/data/H99000/H99100/nachhaltigkeit/CO2_Kompensation/Berechnungsgrundlagen/BOKU_CO2_Kompensationssystem_Berechnungsgrundlage.pdf