Teaching Network "Climate"

Teaching Network "Climate"

During the winter semester 2014 the Centre for Global Change and Sustainability established a network for all teachers involved in the topic of climate  change, be it causes, effects, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, or climate policy.

The overall aim of this teaching network is a closer cooperation between those involved in climate teaching by facilitating the exchange of teaching materials, methods and experiences. Teachers were invited to take part in defining the goals and designing organisational aspects of the network. One of the ideas proposed was setting up an incentive system for the exchange of teaching activities - for example, participants may trade guest lectures among themselves.

The resulting cross-linking of many different topics related to climate change should help identify redundancies as well as the absence of certain issues in the university's different curricula and eventually convey a more systemic understanding of climate change.


Files: Logo of the Network (all use is authorised)

Links: Plattform of the Network on Boku learn
          Collection of teaching materials "Sustainicum"
          Homepage of the climate communication project "AUTreach"

If you are interested in participating or want to be informed about ongoing activities of the network, please contact us via email or phone!

Contact information:
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