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  • BiRT Bio-Resources & Technologies

  • BiRT Bio-Resources & Technologies

  • BiRT Bio-Resources & Technologies

  • BiRT Bio-Resources & Technologies

BiRT Bio-Ressources & Technologies

„BiRT“ is an interdisciplinary initiative of scientists and research groups working at the Campus Tulln. The aim of this initiative is to interconnect research and technological development at the Campus with the focus “Sustainable exploitation of biological resources and food security” and to increase public awareness about this topic.

Scientists at the BiRT Campus Tulln work in three main lines of R&D:

(1)   biological ressources and bioactive substances

(2)   healthy environment and food safety

(3)   environmentally-safe materials and microbial technologies

In each of three lines their approach is to build technological developments and innovation on basic science. Research topics are aligned around natural production circles and contain themes such as soil research, plant production, plant protection, advanced wood processing and cellulose technologies, food and feed safety as well as microbiological technologies for environmental protection and the production of novel bioactive metabolites.

The overall goal of this research is to drive basic scientific concepts further, to educate students in the relevant disciplines and thus -  in the long run - contribute to the transformation process from a “fossil-based” to a “bio-based” sustainable economy.

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