University Courses

University courses


University courses are extraordinary trials with a fixed curriculum (Curriculum) in the context of university education. Prerequisites for attending a university course have a university degree or relevant work experience. In order to allow the visit of university courses professional make interested parties, these take place mainly in the evening or block courses. For university courses corresponding individual course contributions are to be made taking into account the real cost.

The program of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences provides a wide range of university courses and is distinguished by its interdisciplinary and professional related quotation. The courses include either a Master's degree or international equivalent with an academic name from (z. B. Academic / r expert / s).

Participation in a university course is the pre-accreditation as extraordinary  student. Persons who are registered as external students in a university course are only authorized to visit the reported certificate program. Tests, which are stored as an extraordinary student, can not be generally recognized on a regular study. For the approval and notification of the continuation of the certificate program, the participants each course fee and each semester students must post that is the Austrian Student Union fee ("student union fee") paid.