The BOKU-film series is a co-operation of the ethics platform with ÖH-BOKU

PLACE: TÜWI, lecture hall in the 1. basement floor (TÜWI-UG1/02), Dänenstr. 4, 1190 Wien

Start: 6:30pm

A Plastic Ocean
(Craig Leeson, 2016, 102 Min.)

Plastic is cheap and incredibly versatile with properties that make it ideal for many applications. However, these qualities have also resulted in it becoming an environmental issue. We have developed a "disposable" lifestyle and estimates are that around 50% of plastic is used just once and thrown away. Plastic is a valuable resource and plastic pollution is an unnecessary and unsustainable waste of that resource. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year.  

Moderation: Harald Rennhofer, Institute of Physics and Materials Science, Member of the Ethics Platform 


  • Ines Fritz, Environmental Microbiology, IFA Tulln (BOKU)
  • Marcel Liedermann, Institut für Wasserwirtschaft, Hydrologie und konstruktiver Wasserbau (BOKU)
  • Elke Schüssler, Economist, Institut für Organisation, Johannes-Kepler-Universität Linz
  • Lisa Kernegger, GLOBAL 2000


The BOKU-Movies pick up the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) as major topic. These have been determined as development goals by the United Nations. While doing so, we will cooperate with the Center for Development Research (CDR) at the BOKU, as part of the network of international development aid association.

The achievement of 17 main objectives and almost 170 secondary objectives until 2030 should transform our earth in the sense of sustainable development in environmental, economical and social respects.

The SDGs overlap, they are interwoven and pose complex challenges for us. With every one of the films in our program , we present the respective addressed development goal in form of the emblem of the UN.

Implementing the SDGs in Austria: transform or perish?
A short film in accordance to an idea of Georg Gratzer and Axel Mentler (both BOKU), formed within the course Sustainable Land Use in Developing Countries in the summer semester 2016. A second film is currently being produced.



Deficits in respect to a sustainable world are shown and discussed in the BOKU-film series. Films are selected thoroughly with respect to their relevance of ethical aspects of the respective topics. Each film is followed by a panel discussion in order to sensitize the audience members to the ecologic, economic and social conditions worldwide. This shall enable a distinguished view with regard to the film topic. 

Location: Hörsaal GH01, Guttenberghaus, Feistmantelstr. 4


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