Individual study programmes

Bachelor’s programme  

Curriculum specification    

Master’s programme:  

Curriculum specification  


Application form and sample curriculum (for either Bachelor's or Master's programmes) shall be submitted to the Registration Office. The submitted curriculum is formally examined by the Registration Office and the Dean of Studies assigns a professional representative or a field specialist who evaluates the curriculum as a whole. A processing period of min. 3 months is usual.  

Note regarding the curriculum:  

  • In compiling the curriculum, be aware that the choosing of elective courses in the curriculum is not possible due to the already flexible design of the individual studies.  
  • Admission to a Master's programme requires the completion of a relevant Bachelor's degree. For admission to an individual Master's course at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, a completed technical-scientific-oriented Bachelor's degree is required. 
  • In the qualification profile the following points should be addressed inter alia in your own words:  
    • Why do you wish to study the proposed individual study programme?
    • What training objectives do you hope to achieve with the proposed study programme?  
    • Which thematic objectives have you set and why?  
    • What future employment opportunities are open to you as a graduate of the proposed study programme?