Teaching Entrustment

Teaching Entrustement

Each course has atleast one teacher.

Teaching entrustment of teaching staff

How and when are teachers being assigned to the courses?

  • The institutes/departements nominate in the process of the yearly course planning via BOKUonline the eligible teacher(s) for the individual courses of this institute/departement
  • After the formal verification by the Center for Education (employment, fullfillment of the teaching load, amount of applied hours in accordance with students and examination numbers) the Vicerector for Teaching will mandate the teaching for the teachers.
  • The course planning and teaching entrustment are always done for one academic year.

On the following websites information about course planning and teaching entrustment (processes, administration, regulations, forms, etc) are provided.


For questions and support regarding Course Authorisation and Teaching Entrustment please contact the team of the Center for Studies: beauftragung.bokuonline(at)boku.ac.at